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I'm a trucker's wife, mama to two littles, and mini-homesteader passionate about saving your family's legacy through photos. I love being a mom even though some days can be over-stimulating and down right exhausting. Our kids mean the world to us, but Mama, I know your love for them runs a lot deeper than just a stiffly posed picture on the wall. 
You can bring all your emotions to the table here because I love preserving raw and real moments within a family. 

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I'm a chocolate loving, chicken chasing, ice cream connoisseur that loves running barefoot with my kids around the yard. We spend our summers camping and gardening, and our winters dreaming of camping and planning our next garden! If it wasn't for relatives, we would probably be living somewhere a lot warmer... and I'm searching for the perfect place if you know one, haha! 

I love being the photographer that can deliver family photos that preserve the personalities and love in each season of life. My biggest fear is my children looking back at family photos and wondering where Mom is. I want them to be able to hold memories of their parents loving on them years after we are gone. 


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