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What is intimate maternity photography? Let’s start with what it is not; boudoir. While I love boudoir photography, I do not consider myself a boudoir photographer. My goal during intimate maternity sessions is to allow women the space to feel emotionally connected to their body, their children, and their partner. This connection paired with interaction and movement creates beautiful moments that tell your story.

ohio intimate maternity photography

Motherhood is a Journey

Just like the seasons in a year, motherhood has seasons. Some break us and some build us back up. Some are tiring, and some full of learning and growth. Our journeys all look different. I have found my journey into motherhood to be very healing and full of self-reflection. I am here to support all mothers in their journey and also support their emotional health. It’s so important that us mothers don’t forget to care for ourselves. We can’t pour from an empty cup.

Documenting Emotion through Intimate Maternity Photography

While maternity sessions are a great time to document the beautiful round bellies, we can’t forget to preserve the details of the whole woman whose body is transforming. Our chemical make-up during pregnancy changes dramatically. Our priorities change. Our intentions change. We are completely transformed as we begin to step into the rolls of motherhood. During my first pregnancy, I was absolutely unprepared for the physical changes I went through. I often focused on the wrongs my body was doing instead of the metamorphosis it was going through. I documented very little of myself during that time and regret it whole-heartedly. My biggest mistake was not allowing myself the validation that while my body was changing, my soul was being reconstructed to bear the heavy emotions of motherhood. That is why I should have hired someone to preserve those emotions in an intimate maternity photography session.

Discuss Your Ideas

When you’re working with an intimate maternity photographer, start by asking yourself what you hope to see in yourself 5 years from now in these photographs. What emotions are you struggling with? What changes have been challenging? What joy has this season brought to you?
All of these answer will help your photographer build ideas and moments to fully preserve what is important to you. You want these images to make you feel something. Especially 20 years from now when many seasons have passed, the babies have grown, and your world of emotions has changed drastically.

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