Mommy and Me Mini Session

When Mother’s Day is coming up, it is the perfect time of year to do a Mommy and Me Mini session!

mommy and me mini session

Why do a Mommy and Me Mini Session?

I promise, your kids will love these memories when they’re grown. I can count on one hand the pictures I have with my mother. And even then, they aren’t showing any interaction or love. I can still hear my mom saying “I don’t look good enough for pictures” or “I don’t like the way I smile.” What I would give to have moments to look back on with my mom enjoying time with me. Like most women, I struggle with my appearance post-babies, but I still LOVE the moments I document with them. It really warms my heart when my daughter says “Awe, look how cute we are!” She doesn’t see my imperfections, but she feels the love in those moments.

What do I wear?

Please, PLEASE don’t let this stop you! I have a full client wardrobe available to women and children for sessions (for free)! I also work with you to create a stress-free styling experience. I’m happy to do the hard work so all you need to do is show up and have fun 🙂

Have more questions about Mommy and Me Mini Sessions? Send me a message to chat here!

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions | Kristina Rose Photography | Wooster OH Photographer

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