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I know deciding what to wear for family photos is stressful and time consuming. Let’s make it a little easier by breaking it down from color to fit to aesthetic. You can find the best Mom outfit ideas for family photos here!

mom outfits for family pictures

What to Wear for Family Photos for Mom

Moms, this is all for you! We see ourselves in a different light than anyone else, so naturally we are inclined to be a little more picky about what to wear for family photos. I’ve taken numerous styling courses and have scrolled boutiques and retailers endlessly to stay up to date on trends. However, I think it’s really important to set trends aside and decide what will make you confident and comfortable while also creating a cohesive look to your family’s photos. I always have mom pick her outfit first for pictures and build from there.

Choosing a Color Palette

The colors of your wardrobe play a huge role in the final result of your images. You can decide on colors a few different ways.

  1. Following the aesthetic of your home
    If you have a common color palette in your home and want to keep this cohesive, we can create a color scheme for your wardrobe that compliments the look of your home.
  2. The time of year
    The time of year you have your family photos can be a good way to build your photo wardrobe. Typically, summer is matched with bolder earth tones, fall with warm neutrals and pops of color, winter with classic Christmas colors or neutrals, and spring with jewel tones and pastels.
  3. Your Skin Tones
    I think we all have a color we thing doesn’t look good with our skin. Red makes me look sickly pale! Warmer skin tones compliment well with warmer neutrals and earth tones. Cooler skin tones are complimented by cooler undertones. Dark skin tones are shade dependent and can often look beautiful with many bold colors and light neutrals.
  4. Personality & Location
    This is a big one. If you are an earthy, nature family, I love pairing you with styles that have earthy feels to them. Think flowy dresses, earth tones, and play friendly kids clothes.
    If you are a family that loves the city life, we can build a style that is edgy and coordinates well with a cityscape.

If you are just looking for a uniquely styled session, we can build your vision and create the perfect look for this season of your life!

Choosing Textures and Styles to Suit You

I want you to be comfortable in what you’re wearing while representing your personality. I work closely with you to find styles you love and feel beautiful in! Trust me, I’ve had pictures in the wrong outfit.. and I really never look at them. The outfit didn’t fit my personality and it definitely did not fit my body well. I do not want that to happen to you!

I always recommend moms avoid jersey knit material. It can show every lump and bump we have. I love having a texture that flows well off the body. We coordinate patterns with the rest of the family and throw in added textures with layers.

Best Online Shop for Mom’s Outfits for Family Photos

I provide a full client wardrobe for women, children, and infants to use (for free!) at their session. I am always shopping for good deals and digging through boutiques and high-end brands for the most flattering looks. Here is a list of some of my favorite places to shop for mom outfits for family pictures:

Baltic Born
Free People
Nothing Fits But

Examples of What to Wear for Family Pictures


Take a look at these causal styles for family photos. Great for at-home sessions or a relaxed and cozy vibe.


Take a look at a styled fall family session here!

Want to see more?

Head to the blog to see examples of styling from other recent sessions. If you’re ready to bring your vision to life for your next family photo session, let’s chat!

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