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Welcome! I’m Kristina, a Motherhood and Family Photographer in Wooster Ohio. I wanted to make a permanent spot here on the blog to introduce myself and the services I offer.

What is a Motherhood Photographer?

As a motherhood photographer in Wooster Ohio, I document all seasons of motherhood from expecting to seasoned mothers. I value creating a safe space for moms to feel connected to their emotions and their children. Our hearts are transformed permanently when we bring a new life into the world. I feel so strongly that the days with our children are stolen from us by time and therefore deserve to be preserved timelessly through imagery.

Children are the legacy we leave for the time we will not live to see.” – Aristotle

Why Am I Here?

Like many pregnancy stories, our first was a beautiful surprise. Was I ready? No. Would I have ever been ready for motherhood? Probably not. I don’t think there is really anything that can readily prepare you for the things you’ll go through as a mother, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

But, do I love being a mom? Every freaking second of it!

My kids have brought so much growth into my life. My outlook on life has shifted, my values have changed, and my purpose feels so clear. Without knowing it, my children have helped me heal through many childhood traumas and they teach me new things every day.

I think these are experiences many mothers go through. We are ever-changing as our children grow. As their needs change, we learn and grow too.

All these feelings really surfaced into the desire to preserve our time together. I dream of sharing albums of my children’s youth with their children. The world changes really fast and photography is one thing that can document our time on earth for generations to come.

Motherhood is Beautiful

You are raising a new generation of little world changers. Despite the days of tantrums and waves of teen emotions, your work is invaluable. There is beauty in sacrificing your body for new life, the tears from too many sleepless nights, and holding together the broken hearts of adolescence. These “life seasons” could be turned into a book with the amount of stories there is to tell. Preserving these memories will bring back the flood of emotions even when we are old and gray. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my grandmas have a good cry just by looking through an old album filled with blurry black and white memories. The feeling is always there.

My Hopes

I may not know my success in this business until everyone’s children are grown and building families of their own. That’s when moms will have a moment again to sit down and open up the albums, and I hope that the memories I’ve preserved for them bring all the feelings back. I hope I provide images that validate their existence in the seasons of motherhood past. I hope that the joys and sorrows are felt because that is what builds us day by day.

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