3 Toddler Activities for Rainy Days

Like most moms, I am ready to get the kids outside once spring rolls around, but Ohio springs bring a lot of rainy days. I am always looking for ways to keep the kids busy while I get some cleaning or cooking done. Here are 3 toddler activities for rainy days that are safe, cheap, and fun!

3 Toddler Activities for Rainy Days

Cheerio sand

Off brand cheerios are super cheap at Aldi. I love to get a box, throw it in the blender until it turns to a sandy texture, then toss onto a baking sheet to let the kids play. My 3.5 year old likes to make drawings in it and my 2 year old tosses his tractors and diggers in to play. Yes, it gets a bit messy, but it’s so easy to sweep up. *Tip- Don’t let it get wet. Then it’s a very sticky mess 🙃


My kids will play with cooked or uncooked noodles for hours. Uncooked spaghetti noodles are great for sticking through colanders (great for hand-eye coordination!) and macaroni (or rice) is fun with trucks and tractors to haul. If I’m feeling like a really cool mom that day, I’ll let the kids “cook” with the noodles in their play kitchen. Older kids love stringing up different shaped noodles to make a necklace or bracelet. When I get 2 hours of play out of some noodles, I’m pretty happy.

Makeshift Water “Table”

Super easy! Just use some big mixing bowls, add water, let the kids grab their favorite (water safe) toys, and play! My kids like using my measuring spoons and cups to pour over and over again. I lay some towels down underneath too. Other than some spilled water, this activity is pretty mess free. Add some extra fun by tossing in some pom-poms! If you give them a washcloth, they might even do some cleaning 😆

Do you have any fun activities that keep your kids busy indoors?

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